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About Contact and Eyeglasses

If you have been diagnosed with a vision problem, it is most convenient to seek treatment at the same facility with the same helpful team. Eye Health Vision Centers proudly serves patients in Fairhaven, Fall River, Dartmouth, and Taunton, MA, as well as Middletown, RI. Each of these greater South Coast-area facilities features an in-house optical shop that offers a large inventory of contact lenses and eyeglasses.

A visit to one of our facilities will begin with a comprehensive examination so that a proper diagnosis can be made and a treatment plan created. As our primary goal is to exceed your expectations, our team of skilled optometrists and ophthalmologists work closely with the optical team to ensure your needs are met and expectations exceeded. Our digital lenses are optimized to your specific needs using advanced computer-controlled surfacing equipment that is much more precise than conventional tools.

We also have a wide selection of popular frames that will help you make a statement while seeing with clarity. Currently, our offices stock almost 1,000 frames in our displays (locations vary) with a variety of different styles and price points to match your needs. You'll find updated styles beginning at $79! These include notable lines, such as Ray-Ban, Coach, Versace, BCBG, Michael Kors, Nike, Calvin Klein, and many more.

Schedule your appointment at one of our five optical centers to learn more about our contact and eyeglass options.

Our Lens Options

Anti-Reflective: Coating that is either applied to the lens surface or embedded in to allow for superior scratch resistance. Significantly reduces reflections, or unwanted glare, off the lens surface to provide the sharpest, clearest vision from your eyewear. Improves reaction time during nighttime driving, and reduces eye strain and fatigue from bright overhead lights and computer screens.

Freeform Lenses (High Definition): Conventional prescription lenses are molded with a pre-determined curve and the prescription is ground from the backside of the lens surface by a lab technician to create your prescription. Freeform technology begins with a flat lens and utilizes precise computer programs and surfacing equipment to customize your prescription lenses to match the positioning of your eye and how your glasses are worn. Strongly suggested for first time-progressive wearers because of easier adaptation time and wider areas of viewing than traditional progressives/single vision lenses.

Transitions: Polymer inside prescription lenses that activates, or expands, when in direct contact with UV rays from sunlight. Available in gray or brown, they are variable condition lenses that will darken when outdoors and clears when indoors. Option available that will darken (moderately) behind your car’s windshield.

Polarized: Filter embedded in lens that reduces sun glare off of reflective surfaces such as water, sand, snow, and paved surfaces. UV glare is much stronger when a reflective surface is introduced so when considering prescription sunglasses, this is recommended to further protect your eyes from distracting and sun glare.

CR-39: Plastic lens material meant to be used for lower prescriptions. Can tint as sunglasses, but an additional scratch-coating must be applied to make them scratch-resistant.

Polycarbonate: More durable and impact-resistant than traditional plastic, this lens material is recommended for children, and for safety-related work and other activities (sports glasses/goggles).

Trivex: Form of plastic that is 10% lighter, just as impact-resistant and wearers indicate sharper vision because of less color dispersion than Polycarbonate lenses.

High Index: lightweight, super scratch-resistant plastic material that has the ability to be ground thinner. Cosmetically appealing and meant for higher prescriptions where thickness and weight matter the most.

Best Candidates

The Eye Health Vision Centers team will help you decide whether glasses or contacts (or both) are the best choice for your lifestyle. Generally speaking, an individual who lacks the dedication to properly care for their eyes while wearing contacts may be a better fit for glasses. Likewise, if your lifestyle is highly active and glasses could become a nuisance, you may be a better fit for contacts. Patients who only need glasses part of the time, or have dry eye and corneal issues are not ideal candidates for contact lenses.

What to Expect

Following your eye examination and consultation, we will discuss the optical options that best suit your lifestyle and specific needs while recommending the eyewear that is designed to stand the test of time. We believe that an investment in your eyewear is an investment in your quality of life and encourage you to focus on functionality and longevity versus prices. Our team is skilled to help you find a solution that helps you see clearly and feel confident. Our team offers contact lens insertion training to patients of all ages so that you leave our facility with the confidence to care for your eyes. At Eye Health Vision Centers, you can expect quality care that exceeds your expectations.


If you have elected for eyeglasses, you will not likely need a follow-up appointment after receiving your prescription. However, those who have chosen contact lenses will need to return within 45 days of beginning contact use so that our team can ensure the contacts chosen are healthy for your eyes. During this visit, be sure to discuss any sensations you may feel while wearing your contacts and whether or not you feel the prescription is the correct one for you. Even those who do not need a follow-up appointment should continue to schedule regular eye examinations as recommended by our team.

Lasting Solutions

At Eye Health Vision Centers, we strive to create a custom vision plan that offers precise vision correction for each patient. If you are unsure about whether you would prefer glasses, contacts, or both, we encourage you to schedule a consultation so we can help you understand the benefits of each option. Contact one of our greater South Coast-area optical centers to learn how we can help you see more clearly.


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