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About Corneal Cross-Linking

Corneal cross-linking (CXL) is an effective FDA-approved treatment for the cornea disease known as keratoconus. Patients with keratoconus will experience a decrease in their vision as the cornea thins and weakens over time, bulging into a cone-like shape. During the CXL procedure, ophthalmologists combine a specialized prescription eye drop (Photrexa) with ultraviolet light to strengthen the tissues in the cornea. The process is called cross-linking because it creates special bonds between the collagen fibers in your eyes, like support beams, to help keep the cornea stable. Eye Health Vision Centers is skilled in treating conditions of the eye (especially keratoconus) with this innovative procedure. We perform corneal cross-linking at our Dartmouth, MA location and at the New Bedford Surgicenter. However, you can schedule an exam at our locations in Taunton, Fall River, Fairhaven, and Dartmouth, MA and Middletown, RI to see if you are a candidate for the treatment. 

Best Candidates

The best candidates for CXL are those who have been diagnosed with a cornea condition, such as keratoconus or ectasia. Those suffering from cornea-related conditions may have blurred or distorted vision, light sensitivities, or chronic eye irritation. If you have been diagnosed with keratoconus or another cornea condition, one of our ophthalmologists will meet with you during your consultation to discuss your options and determine if CXL is the correct treatment option for your unique situation.

Procedure Technique

CXL is not a surgical procedure but is considered a minimally invasive treatment. Eye Heal Vision Centers provides corneal cross-linking at our Dartmouth, MA office or at the New Bedford Surgicenter. Before your procedure, you will undergo a series of diagnostic tests to include a cornea mapping procedure that will help determine the progression of cornea deterioration. For the procedure itself, you will lie down comfortably on your back and an eyelid holder will be placed over the eyes to keep them open. Photrexa drops will be administered into each eye while your eyes are exposed to ultraviolet light. For more severe cornea conditions, the epithelium layer of the cornea may need to be removed to ensure the Photrexa drops are able to reach the corneal tissue.



Before you leave the facility following your appointment, a member of our team will schedule follow-up visits and give you detailed aftercare instructions. Please keep all scheduled appointments so that our team can monitor your healing. Contact Eye Health Vision Centers if you experience any swelling, irritation, pain, or believe you have an infection after your procedure.

Effective Treatment

Corneal cross-linking is a sight-saving procedure that can prevent you from needing more invasive treatment options and help you protect your vision. We invite you to contact one of our greater South Coast-area facilities to seek treatment from keratoconus, ectasia, or any other cornea-related conditions. Our skilled and experienced team looks forward to providing you with the effective and comprehensive treatment you deserve.

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