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About Contact Lenses

While keratoconus is a progressive condition, early diagnosis and treatment by a skilled ophthalmologist can provide patients with the opportunity to protect their vision and take advantage of less invasive treatment options. In the earliest stages, glasses and contact lenses can help you live a full life with high-quality vision.

At our locations in Middletown, RI and Fairhaven, Fall River, Taunton, and Dartmouth, MA, Eye Health Vision Centers offers many specialty contact options for patients in the beginning stages of keratoconus. During a contact lens consultation at one of our greater South Coast-area facilities, a member of our talented team will help decide which contact type will provide you with the crispest possible vision while allowing you to experience comfort and minimal maintenance. Contact us to schedule that visit and read on to learn more about contact lens options for patients with keratoconus.

Specialty Lens Types

Scleral Lens A large diameter lens that rests on the white part of the eye (sclera) and extends over the cornea. While the size is off-putting to some, scleral lenses offer many benefits, protecting a large portion of the eye from dust and dirt, and remaining in place throughout the day.

RGP Lens Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) contact lenses are the most highly recommended lens for patients with keratoconus. The rigid portion of the lens hides the irregularly shaped cornea and provides a new surface for light to refract off of. The lens is made of a gas permeable material that fills in the space between the back of the lens and the front of the eye.

Soft Lens New silicone hydrogel materials offer keratoconus patients a comfortable solution for great vision with soft and durable contact lenses.

Piggy-Back Appropriately named to signify the combined use of an RGP lens and a soft lens. The RGP provides crisp vision and the soft lens provides a cushion for supreme comfort throughout the day.

Hybrid Lens An RGP center with a soft lens outer skirt, hybrid contacts provide crisp vision and ultimate comfort, similar to a piggy-back lens. In addition, hybrids are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to conform with the irregular shape of your specific eye.

What to Expect

At your contact fitting appointment, a member of our highly skilled ophthalmology team will examine your eyes, discuss your concerns and needs, and ask about your lifestyle. After gaining a clear idea of what type of lens would best work for you, we will help you fit them for your eyes. This will include a tutorial on how to insert and remove the contacts easily, as well as how to clean and store them. For the sake of your eyes and the preservation of your contacts, it is very important that you follow the instructions given to you during this appointment.


After your contact fitting appointment, our team will schedule a follow-up visit. It is important that you attend this visit as we will check to ensure your contacts are fitting properly and working as expected. If you are struggling with your contacts or feeling uncomfortable while wearing them, we can provide tips or determine whether a different contact might be better for your specific needs.

Specialized Care

The team at Eye Health Vision Centers prides ourselves on providing comprehensive care that begins at the first phone call and continues for years to come. We understand that the diagnosis of a progressive eye condition, like keratoconus, can cause anxiety, and we want you to know that we are here for you. Let us help you achieve the clear vision you deserve with a solution that doesn't hold you back. Schedule an eye examination or contact lenses consultation at one of our greater South Coast-area facilities today to receive the specialized care you have been looking for.

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