Laser Cataract Surgery in Greater South Coast, MA

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About Laser Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are classified as a clouding of the eye's natural lens, typically occurring over the age of 55. Eye Health Vision Centers of the greater South Coast offers comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for cataract with options, including traditional and laser cataract surgeries. If you have been recommended for laser cataract surgery, the planning of your surgery will begin with a thorough consultation and examination at one of our facilities. For you convenience, we provide these cataract evaluations at our Taunton, Fall River, Fairhaven, and Dartmouth, MA and Middletown, RI offices.

Our skilled ophthalmology team will consider your lifestyle and medical history before creating a treatment plan for your unique situation. Laser cataract surgery uses advanced technology to map the surface of the eye and create a precise incision, reducing the risk of improper placement and the need for a scalpel. Schedule a consultation with a member of our experienced team to learn whether you are a candidate for laser cataract surgery.


Best Candidates

While laser cataract surgery is extremely effective in most instances, the technology does have a few limitations. For example, not all cataract patients with astigmatism are candidates for laser cataract removal. While patients with regular astigmatism may achieve excellent results with the procedure, those with irregular astigmatism are not ideal candidates for the surgery. Additionally, patients who have undergone LASIK are not recommended for laser cataract removal as the firing of the laser could change the characteristics of the flap created during that procedure. During your consultation at Eye Health Vision Centers, a member of our team will explain each of these items to you and help you understand your options.

What to Expect

Laser Cataract Surgery is performed at our Dartmout, MA, Taunton, MA, and Middletown, RI locations. Most of the very same steps taken to perform traditional cataract removal are also used during laser cataract surgery. The primary difference is that during traditional surgery, a surgeon uses handheld tools to perform each step. During laser cataract surgery, a state-of-the-art laser is used to map the surface of the eye, detect each portion, identify the cataract, create an incision, and break up the cataract. The use of the laser significantly increases the precision and accuracy of the surgery and reduces the risk of surgical error. The procedure also yields dynamic results with a shorter recovery period than traditional surgery.


After your surgery is completed, you will be given very specific aftercare instructions. This may include prescription eye drops, which we will show you how to use during your recovery. Our team may provide an eye patch or protective cover to wear during your recovery period. It is important not to touch, rub, scratch, or press on the eye while it is healing. Any additional instructions will be provided at your consultation or after surgery. A number of follow-up appointments will be scheduled after your procedure. It is important that you attend each appointment so that our team can monitor your healing.

Advanced Solutions

Cataracts can greatly affect your vision and decrease your quality of life. But with the help of laser cataract surgery at Eye Health Vision Centers, cataracts can be treated and your vision restored. Contact one of our greater South Coast-area facilities today to schedule a consultation with a highly trained, experienced ophthalmologist. Our team strives to help you enjoy your life in color with vision you can depend on.

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