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About Presbyopia

Presbyopia is an extremely common condition that begins to affect an individual’s ability to focus on close-up images and objects after the age of 40. Even individuals who have had normal, clear vision their entire lives can still experience presbyopia, which is often just a normal part of the aging process. Often, patients begin to notice their vision is not as sharp as it once was when they feel the need to hold their phone, book, or menu a bit further away to see it more clearly. At Eye Health Vision Centers, we offer several options to improve the vision of those with presbyopia. To best serve our patients, we are proud to have locations across the greater South Coast area, including Dartmouth, Fairhaven, Fall River, and Taunton, MA and Middletown, RI. Schedule a comprehensive eye exam with a member of our skilled optometry team today to learn more about presbyopia and your treatment options.


Presbyopia causes your vision to blur when reading and looking at things that are nearby. This typically begins at around 40 years old as your eyes begin to lose flexibility. Patients may begin to move things, like menus, books, or their smartphones, further away so they can read them more clearly. You may also experience the onset of headaches, eye strain, and fatigue following time spent reading, working on the computer, or looking at your phone or tablet. Symptoms tend to progress over time if the condition is not diagnosed and treated. It is not uncommon for individuals with presbyopia to feel the need to turn on more lights, believing that poor lighting is the cause of their blurred vision.


Unlike other refractive errors that are caused by the shape of the eye, presbyopia is caused by the natural aging process. This happens when the natural lens thickens over time, decreasing its flexibility. The natural aging process also affects the proteins within the lens of the eye, causing it to harden and making it difficult for your eyes to focus. Changes can also occur in the muscle fibers that surround the lens, causing decreased clarity. These various processes accumulate, making it difficult for your eye to move as it should to focus on objects that are nearby.

Treatment Options

The most common form of treatment for presbyopia is prescription eyeglasses with progressive or bifocal lenses, which is an ideal option for those that have additional refractive visual errors. Some patients will choose to wear reading glasses as needed for the treatment of presbyopia. Also, our team of ophthalmologists offers an array of long-term surgical solutions for vision errors. If laser vision correction sounds like the right choice for you, we can discuss scheduling a consultation between you and a member of our ophthalmology team. Laser vision correction is an ideal option for improving your vision in a lasting and effective manner.

Restore Your Sight

Presbyopia is a common condition that occurs in many individuals as they age. The condition can be treated to relieve symptoms, like blurry vision and trouble reading, so that your life is more enjoyable. Eye Health Visions Centers of the greater South Coast area is proud to provide several successful treatment options for restoring your vision to its full potential. If you notice signs of presbyopia, contact us today to schedule your eye exam and learn more about your treatment options.

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