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About Ahmed Tube Shunts

Diagnosing glaucoma in the earliest stages is ideal, but when your diagnosis comes in the later stages or the disease progresses more quickly than expected, you may need a more aggressive treatment. The Ahmed tube shunt is a form of glaucoma surgery that implants a shunt into the eye to assist with the drainage of excess fluid. The device is shaped similar to a computer mouse with one portion sitting on the surface of the eye underneath the conjunctiva tissue and the other entering the front of the eye. The shunt is typically made of silicone or polypropylene so that it cannot be broken down by the body.

Eye Health Vision Centers is comprised of many skilled ophthalmologists who are trained to perform this surgery with extreme precision for excellent results. All of our surgical treatments, including the Ahmed tube shunts, are performed at our Dartmouth, MA office or at the New Bedford Surgicenter. However, you can schedule a consultation to find out if you are a candidate for Ahmed tube shunts at our Taunton, Fall River, Fairhaven, and Dartmouth, MA or Middletown, RI locations.


Best Candidates

To determine whether you are an ideal candidate for the Ahmed tube shunt, a member of our experienced team will meet with you during a consultation. During this appointment, we will discuss your condition, assess your lifestyle, examine your eyes, and give a detailed diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to the treatment of glaucoma, but you could be a good candidate for the Ahmed tube shunt if you:

  • Have attempted other glaucoma laser treatments or surgeries that were unsuccessful
  • Have had a traumatic injury that affected your eye and led to the excessive growth of scar tissue
  • Have glaucoma that has resulted from medical issues, such as diabetes


What to Expect

Your surgery will be performed at either our Dartmouth, MA office or at the New Bedford Surgicenter by one of our skilled ophthalmologists as an outpatient procedure. Before beginning your procedure, we will administer an eye-numbing drop and make sure you are comfortable and ready. An eyelid holder will be placed over your eye to hold it open during the procedure. To begin, your surgeon will create a passageway with the shunt that will drain fluid from inside of the eye. You will not be able to see the shunt because it will be placed within the eye. After the surgery is complete, another eye drop medication will be placed in the eye to prevent a potential pressure spike and then the eye will be taped shut and bandaged. A patch will also be placed over the eye.


We will schedule follow-up appointments that will take place over the coming months. We will assess your healing and check your intraocular pressures at each appointment. You should plan to attend each of these appointments as they are imperative to maintaining a speedy recovery. If a medication has been prescribed, please be sure you are taking it/them as recommended.

Glaucoma Pressure Relief

Although the concept of glaucoma diagnosis and surgery may seem intimidating, Eye Health Vision Centers can help you maintain an active and positive lifestyle while providing comprehensive treatment. We serve our greater South Coast-area patients with state-of-the-art technology and time-tested techniques that can help protect their vision and slow the progression of glaucoma. All we need from you is the willingness to get started and the strength fight back. Schedule your appointment today to seek relief from glaucoma.

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