Macular Degeneration and Diabetes in the Eye

Eye Health Medical Director, Dr. Corey Westerfeld, discusses macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and the importance of early detection.

Dr. Corey Westerfeld: My primary areas of interest are in macular degeneration and also in diabetes in the eye, and these are two very common conditions that effect a lot of our patients in the area. Diabetes is really on the rise, we see a lot more patients when diabetes now, and so I work closely with a lot of the primary care physicians in the area, as well as the optometrists in the region, so that we can find the patients with diabetes and encourage them to come in to get their routine diabetic eye exams. It's very important for patients with diabetes to come in regularly for eye screenings, and then also for treatments, as they may be needed.

Dr. Corey Westerfeld: One of the interesting and nice things about my field in retina, is that we have a lot of new treatments that are available now for patients who previously did not have any treatments available. There's a lot that we have to offer, so what we try to do is to encourage patients to come in, get their routine screening exams for diabetes, and then we can tailor the treatments to them individually as it's needed.