LASIK Testimonial: Elise's Story

Eye Health Vision Centers LASIK patient, Elise, talks about her life changing LASIK experience just hours after having the procedure done.

Interviewer: So this is Elise. She has LASIK surgery last night and she's here for her first day post op. Elise, how were you feeling before having your surgery?

Elise: I was nervous before I went in. I'd been thinking about it for a while, and just decided to go in for the consult, decided to go for it and do it. They prepped me really well. They explained exactly what was going on, which definitely helped to calm my nerves. So, then I was just more excited, and I knew it was such a short procedure, so that kinda calmed everything down.

Interviewer: How was waking up different this morning, than any other morning?

Elise: It's unbelievable. It's like a whole new world, when I first woke up and I could see the clock across my room. I didn't have to reach for my glasses before I got up to go outside my room, downstairs, everything like that. So, it was great to just be able to see.

Interviewer: Perfect. Now, what will you say to your friends and family, who are on the fence of having the LASIK surgery?

Elise: To just do it. It was such a short procedure, like I said. So it only took ten minutes an eye and not even that, and then the recovery process was so quick too. Today I feel completely fine and don't have any pain, no symptoms, nothing, I can just see again. So, that's awesome.

Interviewer: Could you have driven yourself here, today?

Elise: Yes, definitely.