LASIK Testimonial: Anthony's Story

Eye Health Vision Centers patient Anthony talks about his experience with our staff and Dr. Kenyon

Anthony: My wow moment was waking up on Sunday morning, 36 hours after the surgery, and rolling over and seeing this tree next to my window. I could see the individual pine needles on this tree branch and it was just, this is me waking up in the morning. I didn't have to put my contacts on, not have to roll to get my glasses, this is my vision now, so that was really cool. My first real one was the day after, 12 hours after, going to get my basic eye test I've done since I was 10 years old. Without glasses, without using the machine, without contacts, being able to read the bottom line of the chart. And I was like, this worked, this actually worked, this is my vision. So those were my two wow moments.

Interviewer: And would you recommend LASIK surgery at Eye Health Vision to your friends and relatives?

Anthony: Yes, yes. I'd recommend anyone to get this done, especially my age, 25 years old. So the next 25 years I have my vision. If you do the cost out, contacts, glasses, solutions, it really just bottoms out to the same price of getting it done now. And in 25 years I could get a touch-up possibly and not have to do readers, you don't know. This is cliché but it opened up a whole new world.