Preparing for Surgery


Once you have decided to have surgery, a Surgical Counselor will be assigned to you to explain what you may expect preoperatively, intraoperatively, and postoperatively. These individuals are specially trained to help you identify your goals for vision, your preferences and the options that are available to help you achieve your vision goals.

The Surgical Counselor also will work with you to purse financing options, scheduling operative procedures and follow-up appointments and reviewing a surgical packet with you and your family member (operative consent, preoperative and post-operative instructions, patient rights and responsibilities.).

Within a few weeks before surgery, a physical examination assessment and medical history is performed here in our Clinical Offices or by your primary care provider. We will ask you to complete a form with your medical history and also request that you provide us with a list of the prescribed medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, or over the counter medications that you are taking. Your physician performing your surgical procedure will provide you with prescriptions for any special eye drops that he/she will want you to install before your surgery and after your surgery.