Meet Eye Health's Dr. Alex Gerber

Dr. Alex Gerber is a fellowship-trained ophthalmologist specializing in cataract and refractive surgery at Eye Health Vision Centers, a Claris Vision company. Dr. Gerber is also Medical Director for the Greater New Bedford Surgical Center

Dr. Alex Gerber: I am a board certified and fellowship trained LASIK and cataract surgeon. I am also the Medical Director of the Greater New Bedford Surgery Center owned by Eye Health Vision Services.

Dr. Alex Gerber: My goals and passions are to keep up with the latest technology and to offer patients the best and newest out there.

Dr. Alex Gerber: I've been practicing LASIK and cataract surgery for about 10 years. Because of my specialty, I typically see the LASIK and cataract population. Personally, I like to see all types of patients just to keep my memory afresh and my knowledge base up to date about the multitude of diseases that can happen in the eye.

Dr. Alex Gerber: In addition to receiving any services that you can possibly want, as well as multi-specialty care at Eye Health, we are also a part of the community and we like to keep the community seeing well, as well as healthy. We drive around on the same roads. We go grocery shopping and take our lunches and dinners within that community, so we want to make sure everybody is seeing well and healthy with their eyes.

Dr. Alex Gerber: As Medical Director, I get to oversee the safety of any procedure done there, as well as make sure that we are the most technologically advanced for the benefit of the patient, and also contribute years of experience ever since my training.